Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday's Meditation: No more correct answers!

I was thinking this morning about part of the Christmas story in Matthew’s gospel— (should we reserve passages about his birth for December?)  the part where the Magi make their way first to Jerusalem and ask King Herod about the birth of the new king.  Herod calls the scholars together and tries to determine the location of the Messiah’s birthplace.  Of course the scholars get the answer right, and Herod sends the Magi on their way.
Why didn’t Herod or any of the learned men go with the Magi?  They got the answer “right,” but it did not lead them to Jesus.  What is the purpose of correct doctrine if it does not lead us into an experience with God?  Like the scholars in Herod’s court, am I content to know the truth without experiencing it?  
Who got to experience a relationship with Jesus?  It was those who were willing to act on what was revealed. My point is not only about meeting Jesus the first time—what if all the revelation contained in the scripture is placed there for us to experience him personally?  Lord, deliver me from “correct information” and give the grace to hunger for your presence.

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