Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Meditation Meditation

Earlier this month I posted a short piece that dealt with meditating on the scriptures. It generated significant response via comments, email, facebook and Twitter primarily because people considered mediation too subjective for followers of Jesus. The word meditation carries with it overtones of Eastern mysticism, religious ritual, or drug-induced fantasies. Fortunately, the God encourages us to meditate on his words. The truth is we all meditate, the real question should be: to what will we give ourselves?

As I launched into meditation years ago, I believe the Lord lead me to Matthew 6: 9 – 13, the Lord’s Prayer. This seemed odd—I had already committed this prayer to memory. I had said this prayer since I was a child. Even “unbelievers” recite this prayer. I felt the Spirit direct me to the very first line. A still small voice in my mind said, “don’t be in a hurry, take just a small piece.” I took the first line: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

The voice of my imagination said, “That’s too big for you.”

“Strange,” I thought. How about, “Our Father in heaven.”

Back came the sound: “Too big.”

“OK, I get it, I’m supposed to meditate on the Father.” So I settled in to consider: “Our Father.”

One more time the voice replied: “Too big. Smaller.”

There was only one word left, “Our.” It didn’t seem like much but I was determined to at least try to follow the Spirit’s leading. I seemed silly at first. How do you meditate on a single word? I quieted myself and gave my thoughts to that single word:
Our. I’m a word-guy, so after a moment I considered that fact that it’s the first personal plural. Instead of I alone, it’s Our together.

In the silence of my room, I began to realize the significance of the plural. I was not alone. Whenever I turned in prayer to the Heavenly Father, someone was with me. In my imagination I saw Jesus put his arm around my shoulder, saying, “Com’on, let’s go to the Father together.” This seemed like a big deal to me—if I was ever worried that the Father might turn away from me, I was certain He wouldn’t turn away from Jesus.

Since that time, whenever I turn to God, I imagine Jesus, my older brother going with me. I have gained confidence that even though I am not worthy, Jesus is, and he’s the one who takes me to the Father.

I wonder what your mediations will show you.

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