Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion: About The InBreaking

Each fall my home church presents a worship and teaching conference designed to benefit everyone in the region: not just the folks in our church, but Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, believers, seekers, or unbelievers--anyone who is thirsty.

This weekend we're sponsoring four sessions with Jack Deere, an internationally known Bible teacher with an uncommon gift for plain speaking; The Embers, a worship band that refuses to settle for trite musical or lyrical expression of God's glory; and a gallery exposition featuring Eric Hurtgen, a graphic artist from Charlotte, NC. The local church saves it shekels and covers all the costs: the conference is free. The content finds it's way to our website and podcast.

This year's conference is called The InBreaking, which deals with the words of Jesus, "the Kingdom of God is breaking in." I love what we do, and this weekend everyone's entitled to my opinion: you should check out the good stuff from The InBreaking.

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