Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Meditation: Discovering the Word of God

I love the Word of God. Now I just have to figure out what it is.
As a young Christian someone told me the Bible was the word of God, and they were right. I began to internalize the words of the scripture; they became a source of life, empowering me to toward a life of purity.
Then I read the magnificent words opening John’s gospel, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” and discovered Jesus himself was the word of God. I was startled to find that even when Jesus wasn’t saying anything, he was still the word of God. Asleep or awake, cooking or working, the Word was among us, himself made of flesh and bones.
One day I stumbled across the notion that his voice flashed over the waters, electrified the forests, and caused pregnant animals to bear their young right on the spot; I saw and heard his voice in the heavens, shining and singing continuously day and night; like Augustine, I heard his words in the sing-song of children who were unaware their words spoke like the Ancient of Days. (Psalms 8, 19, & 29)
I looked into the creases of my wife’s smile and met the word of God; I felt the warmth of my children’s breath and heard his message; and I stood motionless alone in my house, encountering the word of God in the sounds of silence.
Even apart from the discipline of meditation it has dawned on me like the morning sun that the whole earth cries, “Glory!” They are only echoing the sound of heaven.
This week I pray you fall more in love with the Word of God as well.

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  1. Amazing....

    My joy cannot be contained reading 19:1-5!

  2. Hey Ray. I'm coming up for air after working on a HUGE editing project for someone's book. I love how you've tapped into a the broad, earth-shattering aspects of God's word here. It makes reading the Bible seem a lot more real.

  3. Hi Stephen: It's true: In more than forty years of reading the scripture, Psalm 19 still takes my breath away!

    Ed: Thanks so much. For me the Bible lives and breathes real people, who interect with a real God.

  4. ray, i read this on monday. monday night i read a little devotional that just seemed blah and seemed to have little depth. probably not entirely the devotional's fault, considering it was late and i was tired. tuesday morning i wasn't fully awake yet but heard the name Gishalm in my head. i searched it in my little ESV bible app on my phone but it wasn't there. then i heard the Holy Spirit say Kings. so i went to 1 Kings and began reading, only to find Gihon mentioned in the first chapter. i felt such a nudge from the Holy Spirit so i decided that my new text is Kings. i can't say i've ever had the Holy Spirit guide me to a particular text outside of preparing a word for a small group or bible study group. it felt like a new level of friendship & discipleship. i felt like the voice of the Lord lead me to something more that he wanted for me. to provide more opportunity for encounter. its like going shopping for boots, you can shop all over! but when a friend guides you to a source that is perfect for you, including size, budget, & style, it seems way more productive and you can start wearing your new boots way sooner than later:) a bit silly, but you understand i'm sure. all that to say, i am encouraged!! so thanks you!!!