Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everone's Entitled to My Opinion . . . about Changing Lanes

Roger Michell’s 2002 movie, Changing Lanes, is about what it takes to change your life. Gavin Banek (Ben Affleck) is a young lawyer eager to make his mark while working for his fiance’s father. Doyle Gipson (Samuel Jackson) is an divorced alcoholic father desperate to retain visiting rights with his children. Both men need to change, neither of them realize the depth of their need until they share a small automobile accident on the F.D.R. in New York City.

John Eldredge once observed that Hollywood dreams the dreams but the world still needs people like Joseph and Daniel to interpret the meanings. This film is filled with spiritual meanings. The characters have no use for each other, but God has a destiny in mind for each of them, and for them both together. The movie is set in the world of litigation and disagreement, and each man demonizes the other largely because of selfishness and lack of love for their neighbor.

No one would characterize Changing Lanes as a religious film: it does not preach: it portrays. The characters curse and rail against what they consider injustice and bad luck, but in their distress God is offering them repentance and new life--will they take it? In my opinion you should watch the film to find out.

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