Monday, December 27, 2010

Call me 'Narcissus.' These are my top twelve posts for 2010

I thought this was a good idea until my son asked me about today's topic. "I'm choosing my favorite posts of 2010," I said. "One from each month." I saw immediately the vanity of my exercise. But then writing (and hence blogging) is vain, so why wouldn't I naturally assume you'd want to review the year with me?

January: Is obedience possible? ~ Why would he command the impossible?
February: Why His Humanity Matters ~ Because doctrine divorced from flesh and blood is just plain dangerous.
March: Guys Like Us ~ For all of us who have trouble seeing ourselves in the Scripture.
April: Provoking God's Mercy ~ Don't be fooled just because it sounds "nice." Humility is a big freakin' deal.
May: The Discipline of the Present Moment ~ Philosophical, yes, but it's really changed my life.
June: Leaving the Church ~ The cool kids hated this post because I suggest leaving the church is a really bad idea.
July: Josue de La Cruz Saved My Life ~ In honor of the firefighter who saved my life.
August: The Great Fall of Wisdom ~ Why I am sick of smart people.
September: The Limits of Doubt ~ My take on what doubt can--and cannot--do.
October: Everyone’s Entitled to My Opinion: Under The Tuscan Sun ~ In which I surrender my Man-card.
November: Our True Destination ~ I'm still working on this one but I really think I'm on to something.
December: Christmas: God’s Tutorial on Hearing His Voice ~ Actually, I'm not sure I wrote anything all that good in December, but I had to pick something.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to stare into the mirror for hours on end. I feel a little bit like Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock, who fell in love with a female impersonator who impersonates . . . her. (Gross. I know.) And on Thursday, everyone, let's talk about your reactions to--me!


  1. Thanks for the look back! I had missed the "Why His Humanity Matters" post, and I'm glad to have had an opportunity to go back and read it (not that anything was stopping me, but you know!).

  2. I missed a couple of these, too, so the exercise was definitely useful to your fans. :) I especially love your Feb, March, Aug and Sept posts, for what it's worth.

    It's interesting, isn't it, to look back over the year and see the broader themes emerge? You learn so much about yourself as a writer and thinker (and get a strong sense of what that book should/could be about).

    Here's to 2011!