Sunday, December 12, 2010

Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion: About The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

There are few things worse than bad Christian art: well-intentioned, communicating a “correct” message, and just plain bad. It’s like taking medicine: you know it’s supposed to be good for you, so why is it so unpleasant?
That’s why discovering well-done works of art that honor Jesus is an experience to be treasured. And one of those treasures is Walden Media’s Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Having regained creative control of the Narnia franchise from the Monolithic Corporate Mouse (who shall not be mentioned here) Walden gave director Michael Apted the freedom to adapt C.S. Lewis’ third book of the Narnia series for the screen. Good moves all around: this is a fine film.

The commercial performance of Dawn Treader will likely determine whether the rest of the Narnia stories find their way into film: the darkened Prince Caspian movie, tweaked by the Mouse to resemble a teenage action picture made a profit, but only a small one. Small enough to drive the Round-eared Corporate Creature away--thank God for small blessings. Christians interested in seeing the entire series should vote with their feet (and dollars) immediately and support this movie.
It’s the best of the series, true to the spirit of Lewis’ book while condensing the lengthy tale. Georgie Henley shines as Lucy--my favorite character. This movie deserves your support because it’s well-made. And since everyone’s entitled to my opinion, I think you should march down to the cine-mega-monster-complex and watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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