Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Reasons God Doesn't Need Me to be His Cop

My daughter saves her deepest theological questions for bedtime. She doesn’t give a rip about theology, but she cares deeply about delaying bedtime. If Daddy is foolish enough to take the bait on Who made God-type questions, then she wins. Ever though her greatest need is rest she thinks her late-night allies are unsolvable religious questions. In the end, everyone ends up sleepy and confused.
So it is with following Jesus. Let’s talk about theology; let’s talk about church; let’s crusade against the high-profile fools of Christendom and expose them for charlatans--in fact, let’s do anything other than take the yoke of discipleship. Like stupid trolls into arguing all night long about how best to cook a hobbit, we will be surprised when the morning takes us all.

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