Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Fellowship of Low Expectations

Like any writer, the narcissist in me believes you would enjoy a peek into the book I plan to release this fall, The Impossible Mentor. Advance praise for this book comes from my wife, my children, and the stray cat we keep feeding at the back door. They all agree: this will be the finest book on spiritual formation ever to come out of Campbellsville, Kentucky. Just because these witnesses are deeply biased doesn’t mean they are wrong, it just means they will buy the first thousand copies.
I've shared previews from the first three chapters. Today, the final preview, a bit from the opening of chapter four:
Chapter One: “I’m Not Jesus”
Chapter Two: “You’re Not, Either”
Chapter Three: "Paralyzed by Grace"

Chapter Four: “The Fellowship of Low Expectations
Across the spectrum of Christian worship, our churches are filled with individuals who do not believe Christlikeness is possible. Individual believers have camped beside the river of God’s grace and drink daily of his forgiveness, unaware that this same grace can can provide spiritual transformation into Christlikeness. Discipleship, they suppose, is for those few super-saints called into the ministry.

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